Sedona’s Farewell

In Loving Memory Of
U-CD JoKay’s Sedona, CD, CGC, OFA

March 10, 1988 ghost_trackJune 01, 2001

Sire: Sherwood Sam, K-9 Sheriff’s dog, Topeka, KS (blk/tn)

 Dam: June Von Murray (wh)

 Heart and Soul of Sedona

Sedona was another love in my life. I got her when she was 9 weeks of age. The first time I saw her face, I knew she belonged to me. She was my first AKC registered German Shepherd Dog. And through the long- splendid years together, we shared therefore much. She was extremely special.

Sedona was the best mother to her two wonderful litters in 1991 and 1992. And, I thank her always for giving us those special babies that also made many treasured memories. Oh, how fast that time has gone by…

Sedona loved and protected her family well. She loved people, and celebrated the days of her life with immense zest. When she finally grew very old, tired and had to leave us, our hearts were shattered. The evening of her death, I spent a moment outside with my memories and grief. I asked for some kind of message that she had made it to the “Bridge” okay. Within a second of that wish – a shooting star raced across the AZ horizon. That was my answer. I have not seen a shooting star since. I have always felt her presence at my side since…

Sedona’s Recall
The first moment I saw your face I knew you were mine,
No other could’ve taken your place at that very time.
Your beautiful dark brown eyes were as black as night,
And your energetic spirit gave me desire and fight.

Your coat of white with compliments from many,
A charm you were a character thus canny.
Your brazen humor without doubt gave me a dare,
And you always brought forth amazing times so rare.

We greatly did much together for so many years,
You brought me pride, joy, smiles and tears.
With each achievement we made together,
Looking back I’ll remember you forever.

As overnight, I now have this very old dog,
Yet your spirit I still see but slightly fogged.
Those beautiful dark brown eyes now show little glow,
And that once beautiful gait is so vastly slow.

I’ll always remember our times together on earth,
And oh, how I celebrate the reason for your birth.
Now gone from my life, but deeply set in memory.
God had only given you to me temporarily.

Now at God’s side in heavens daily duties,
You’re guarding His sheep which you may do so well.
I know you’re waiting for me at His golden gates,
And once again, I’ll walk with my faithful gal.
Until then, my darling Sedona, in dreams I still see you,
I touch you. I walk with you, and I talk to you.

© Kathy Sater Partch




Kathy and Sedona, Summer of 1988
Photo: Muriel Sater 

Sedona’s Pedigree
Bred by J.C. Bishoff
Owned by Kathy Partch

Clayfield Brennan (blk/tn)
Clayfield Chad of Cedar Haven (blk/tn)
Heidi Of Velvet Waters (blk/tn)
Sire: Sherwood Sam (blk/tn) Sheriff’s K-9 Ofc., Metz
Jendhi’s Kasey (blk/tn)
April Von Smuggler (blk/tn)
Dutchess Holly Von Berren CD (blk/tn)
Rexall Tiger Rag (slvr/grzl)
Lupine Von Murray (wh)
Yohanna Von Murray (blk/tn)
Dam: June Von Murray (wh)
Lieb Lobo (blk/grzl)
Joanna Of Jupiter (blk/tn)
Sratch Star Of Jupiter (blk)

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