Dummy Board Art

My original Dummy Boards are an interesting art concept trying to fool the viewer’s eye from a distance. But I like to make them just as interesting up close with all of the detail I put into them. They are made of ¾” sign board, painted with the best latex house paint, detailed with artist oil. I add a few real objects like real tags for the animals, real chains on the cows, and cow tails made from twine. Each animal has my “JoKay” logo carved into the board for an ID like a tattoo. And each barn yard animal has a fly painted on it some place. So look for them. Dummy Boards are a huge project but I enjoyed creating each and every one of them. They are made to be displayed out side. Most people bought them for decoration on the inside of their homes. Of course, they will last forever inside the homes which of course I prefer. All Dummies painted on their back side as well.


My first Dummy Board cow standing next to my white German shepherd Medora
By Kathy Sater Partch


My second Dummy Board cow.
By Kathy Sater Partch


Eyes painted with gloss paint so they look wet and alive!


What she looked like from behind


My kitty Sly with Goldie the Dummy!
By Kathy Sater Partch


And Sly by his Dummy Self!
By Kathy Sater Partch


Dummy Sly on his own
By Kathy Sater Partch


This was sold to a young country girl for her bedroom
By Kathy Sater Partch


Back side of the Hamshire
By Kathy Sater Partch


Front of the Hamshire
By Kathy Sater Partch


Closeup with the detail on the face!


Dummy Bess at Christmas
By Kathy Sater Partch

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