Mountain Dew Country

God gave the gift of music so we could hear the Melodies of the Heart music-notes


guitairJoe and I started our country western band Mountain Dew Country in 1969. We played a one hundred mile radius for a number of years until we formed another group with life-long friends Ed and Jean Javner. We entertained with this couple professionally on the road full time for two years. We entertained together for six years. Then through our twenty-six years of music broke in a number of musician’s until we retired the band in 1996. Even though we were very country we also played up to date commercial numbers as well. My white German Shepherd Sedona would lay right by my bass drum while we practiced. Many great memories from Mountain Dew Country.


Our band Mountain Dew Country when we first started in 1970

    Music Heals All Things


Went on the road full time with this band in 1974



Another take of our band traveling all over the Midwest, etc.!



Came off the road and started this band with my brother Terry and friends



Kathy, Nicole, Joe, Pete and Al – Another group we put together through the years



Pete, Joe, Tammy, Rusty and Kathy



Terry Sater, Julie Andrews Darlington, Kathy, Joe, Dennis Treon, my mom/dad, Muriel and George dancing



Jeff Ekblad, Kathy, Joe and Rusty Studler
Photo: Muriel Sater



Kathy and her favorite drum set Rogers



Joe entertaining with his group at Wierderholt’s supper club in Miesville, MN




My grandfathers antique Ludwig bass drum we use as a coffee table in the great room

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