My artwork is self taught. I had a great art teacher in high school. But my mother Muriel Mae Olson-Sater the professional artist and seamstress she is, is still the best teacher of all. 

My Drawing Table

I HAVE BEEN DOING portraits since I was fifteen. In the very beginning oils were my main medium. I then started to dabble in colored-pencil and enjoyed how it looked. But an average-size drawing in colored pencil/pastels may take weeks to finish, especially in the kind of detail I find irresistible to illustrate. I work mostly from photographs. I spend a great deal of time working with the photographs composition. My goal to portray the subject to come alive on my open canvas. I express my artistic voice through that piece of work. I precisely confirm the image on paper/canvas because there’s no room for error when you work with colored pencil/pastel. When I’m working with a lot of white I leave the white on the paper open and fill in the texture/shadows later. I work mostly with Pedigree pencils but my favorite is Prismacolor pencils because they’re more soft which lays on more color. I always have a small piece of paper under my hand where it lays so I don’t smear any of my work. The paper I  use is fairly smooth but yet has some texture so I can create the extreme detail in hair, eyes and so on. Most of my portrait work is done with a magnifying glass to achieve all the detail you see with the naked-eye.

Working photo, CA UKC Grand Champion Eclipse's One N' Only CM3

Working photo of Picard Shepherd, CA UKC Grand Champion Eclipse’s One N’ Only CM3

CA UKC Grand Champion Eclipse's One N' Only CM3

CA UKC Grand Champion Eclipse’s
One N’ Only CM3
Only is bred, owned and handled by Donna and Mike Beatle


Photo I went by for Swix and Chance

Lynne's Portrait '14f_website

This 12″ X 12″ colored pencil and pastel portrait done of the late Aussies Swix and Chance for the Von Trapp family in Vermont:
By Kathy Sater Partch 2014


Before photo of Dexter


Unesco-Exbury vom Wolfsgehege “Dexter” SchH1
11″ X 15″ Portrait in Colored Pencil  
Private Collection: Anna Winkler in Seeshaupt, Germany
By Kathy Sater Partch


Before photograph of Kelsey


Portrait of late Sheltie Shepherd Kelsey in colored pencil/pastel.
Private collection: Jeanne and Douglas Sellers, AZ
By Kathy Sater Partch 2014


Photo I had taken to do Sadie’s portrait


Portrait of Diane Petrusich’s girl Sadie — Colored Pencil
By Kathy Sater Partch 2013


Before photo of Maddie


Colored Pencil/Pastel portrait of Wayne and Judy Wright’s girl Maddie.
By Kathy Sater Partch


Before photo of Tucker


Colored Pencil/Pastel portrait of Stephen DeVol’s dog Tucker, AZ
By Kathy Sater Partch


Before photo of Lily


Colored Pencil/Pastel portrait of Donald and Maria Dobb’s white German Shepherd Lily, MD


Before photo of Czar by Kathy Partch

16″ X 20″ Oil on canvas board for Donald and Pat Malinowski of their Champion white German Shepherd Dog Czar, MN
By Kathy Sater Partch



Oil painting for David Barn’s private collection in MN (copy from Robert Bateman) I signed the painting Robert Bateman, by Kathy Sater Partch

Baronesse Photo for Painting

Before photo of Baronesse


Oil on canvas board for Brigitte Toll of her White Shepherd Baronesse in Dusseldorf, Germany
By Kathy Sater Partch


Before photo of Sally


Colored Pencil/Pastel portrait of Donald and Maria Dobb’s Golden Retriever Sally in MD
By Kathy Sater Partch


Charcoal portrait of a champion Arabian
By Kathy Sater Partch 1967


Colored Pencil portrait of this Chesapeke — private collection in MN
By Kathy Sater Partch


Colored Pencil portrait for Bud Burke of his hunting Labrador Duke in MN
By Kathy Sater Partch


Oil on board for Ann Waldron of her Labrador Sunyaida
By Kathy Sater Partch


Oil on canvas board for James and Karen Fox of their two registered quarter horses Sass and Red while living in CO
By Kathy Sater Partch …See the fish in the water?


Oil on on canvas for Donald and Pat Malinowski of their champion white German Shepherd Frieda
By Kathy Sater Partch


My mother Muriel with Koda. Mom my greatest teacher of all!
Photo: Kathy Sater Partch


This 36″ X 44″ oil painting on stretched canvas titled “Royalty” of Arabian’s done in 1964 by my mother, Muriel Mae Olson-Sater, Madison, WI. She created it only for herself. It hung in her home for many years, now given to me. She was inspired to do this for our love of horses. This dynamic group study in oil was originally done by artist Ruth H. Schotanus of Des Moines, Iowa for a Mr. and Mrs. W. Wood of Niles, Michigan and displayed on the front cover of the ARABIAN HORSE news October 1960 — Printed in black and white only. When mom did the painting she used the coat colors that looked like they would be in the print. We have no idea the dimensions of Ruth’s original painting. Mother saved the 1960 Arabian news cover print and gave that to me too. It’s very tattered with oil paint on it from doing her piece. I adore this painting. Its history says a lot. I’ve also framed the cover of that magazine and it hangs next to this painting so others can see its story.
Front to right are *ROYAL CONSTELLATION 12887 Grand Royal G. S. B – Serafina G. *ROYAL DIAMOND 12906 (Oran G. S. B. – (Grey Royal G. S. B.), *CRYSTAL SPECIAL (Royal Crystal G. S. B. – Extra Special G. S. B.) and IKHTIYARIN 10013
Since the painting was done from Ruth’s original we could never display it at any art show. It has only hung in my mother’s home for many years, then my brother, Dr. Gary M. Sater, Ph.D’s home for some time and now mine.


Colored Pencil by Muriel Sater 1947
Maybe this is why I love to work with Pencil so much!


Muriel Olson Sater’s hand-painting on material


Handmade queen-size quilt done in an Apache belt design by Muriel Mae Olson Sater


Muriel Sater has made numerous wedding cakes. This is just a small sample of her roses!


Pencil portrait of the infamous German Shepherd Dog “Strongheart” by Muriel Olson Sater 1940 when she was only twelve. Strongheart’s registered name: Etzel von Oeringen a son of Nores von der Kriminal Politzei

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